Dienstag, 5. August 2008

New stuff

this german Magazin "Patchwork Professional" is now available
I wrote 2 article for this issue, one about making pictures from your artwork - Part 2,
and one about ....You have to read it - if you can read German of course :-)

I rec'd the "Brillante Weblog award" from Contessa Kris - thank you so much, but I can not give this Award to 7 other Blogs - because- they are so many wonderful Blogs and I'm unable to make a particular choice - sorry

To day I clean up my workspace an made this needle case

From different left overs and wool I made this new fabric and don't know what I want do with this - Idea?

I found this Journal card


corryna hat gesagt…

Beate I went to the shop to get the newest Patchwork Professional, but it did not yet arrived. I will check again after the weekend. I must have this issue too :-). And again: I love the work you have made. It is nice to see how you combine those delicate stitches with the felted fabric. You are good at this!

Carol Dean hat gesagt…

That needlecase is just adorable! I love it :D

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