Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

Yesterday I have made from left overs a surface with my new Embellisher (12 needles) thats goes very fast.
step 1at night I start do embroidered this piece
step 2
it is not ready yet - stay tuned

my inner critics talk me constantly - which can become nothing - however, I try to do not think this way.....


Contessa Kris hat gesagt…

This new piece of embroidery is breathtaking! Just gorgeous!

Karen Stiehl Osborn hat gesagt…

Forget that inner critic! My favorite works that you create are the ones where you use your embellisher to create a background, then add hand stitching. I love this piece!

Jackie hat gesagt…

Its looking exciting. With 12 needles you will have a lot of this!

corryna hat gesagt…

I love this piece already! And I see a face of an African lady with a red cap on her head. Her face is a bit yellow but I am sure she is from South Africa ;-)


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