Dienstag, 5. August 2008

Dottee needs us

Who does not know Dot - this winning, creative and incredibly kind Dot from Australia - everybody have made up her Dotee dolls and have exchanged with her or other.

Dot does not go well at the moment and she wants to limit all her activities in the Bloggerworld or surrender even.

We should accept her wish for retreat nevertheless, if we have her snail address or email address, we should write her, cheering her up, say that we think of her with love and we do not want to renounce her.

I know, she likes Smarties - do we cover her with many many coloured Smarties - what do you think?

Allows to show us how much strength and energy we can develop if One of us needs help - thanks.


jude hat gesagt…

hi, i do not really know dot much, our work is very different. but i would love to send her a tiny spirit cloth to cheer her up. i do not have her address.
xx jude from spiritcloth

H.D. Campbell hat gesagt…

we should help each other and encourage so we can have as many artists sharing and creating..

Helen Suzanne hat gesagt…

aww Dot's blog is by invite only. I was going to say hello. She is soooo well known and I see references to her all over the blogs I read. Please pass on my best wishes as I can't see a way to get them to her. Thank you Beate for letting us know.

katelnorth hat gesagt…

It's a good idea, Beate - I had thought I would send her something, but don't have her snail address. I do know a few people who might, though, I will check around...

Julie hat gesagt…

That's a lovely idea Beate. Dot is such a giving, warm, generous lady so it would be good to give something back to her.

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