Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Sence of October - Embellisher art

30 x 29 cm
Fabric Collage

what I like very much about the work with the Embellisher machine is,
the way it is possible only with this tool to originates a new texture.

close up

step 1


close up


Miss Frugality hat gesagt…

I love this piece Beate.It shows the best colours of Autumn.

Annica hat gesagt…

Absolutely beautiful! Great work!

Nellie's Needles hat gesagt…

Fabulous! Thanks for showing the back side of this piece, too.

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

This piece is lovely, Beate! I lovee the autumn, such a lovely colours!

Ro Bruhn hat gesagt…

Beautiful work Beate, I love the autumn colours

Micki hat gesagt…

Lovely colors!

Natalya hat gesagt…

autumnal colors must be in the air! i just posted a piece in the same color palette, funny. Your work is lovely, thank you for sharing. hat gesagt…

Little by little you are teaching me through your images and ideas. For this, I thank you. Your work is wonderful

Princess Haiku hat gesagt…

This piece is gorgeous.

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