Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007

What do you think about a Christmas Postcard swap?

Last year it was so nice to have season greeting Cards in my Mailbox – and this is he reason I’ll have it again this year.

I have 12 who like to swap with me - and this is enough - sorry Folks - you are to late.

All who have left a comment pleas mail me you addi so that I can send my Christmas Postcard to You


Anonym hat gesagt…

ooooh Me Me Me... I would love to do a Christmas postcard swap with you Beate... though my work is not up to your standard I would love to share :D

Terry hat gesagt…

Would love to be in a postcard exchange

Lisa Flowers Ross hat gesagt…

I would be happy to send you a christmas postcard.

I love your autumn Max.

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