Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

I want to heal my!!!

My feelings to day? Have a look: My breakfast working Space

I have taken part in Zine Swap and I get wonderful, very nice and inspiring Zines.
In each of this Zine was wonderful goodies, and now I have decided that I creates a collage every morning from that goodies.
What do you think about this?
Here my first one

The disaster with the Love parade in Duisburg is very close to me. The mass panic on the Love Parade on Saturday in Duisburg has cost the life to at least 19 people. A police speaker called this number in the early Sunday morning. In addition, 342 injured persons have been announced - as heavy her injuries were, remained at first unclear.

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dosfishes hat gesagt…

So tragic about the festival...just young people wanting to hear music and dance....Your breakfast space looks like my workspace most of the time, lots of materials to choose from to make wonderful collage like the one that you did! xox Corrine

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