Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

What I love to do - every single moment

I work an my new Embellisher piece and it changes with every stich I do

before - Not ready yet - but it looks like a ????

My plan is to read every morning, at my breakfast caffe one zines which I have got yesterday. Today it was SEW IT SEAMS of Jeane Walker-Sliney. And when I came to the side in which she had hidden some goodies, I had to do a collage.
I took a background, old Jeans lay just there around, and a few pictures from my Stuff and voila - ready:
21 x 24 cm
and I think it would be a nice gift for Jeane - what do you think?

1 Kommentar:

dosfishes hat gesagt…

I keep looking at your embellisher piece and seeing a brain? Fun collage
and what a great gift for Jeane. Those zines are fabulous.

I will send off my package to you this weekend.



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