Montag, 14. Dezember 2009’s time to look back - Part 2

I am a photographer for over 40 years.My creativity is a distance or line for me.
At one end - on the right - is the photographer and at the other end - on the left - the mixed media artist. With fabric, paper, wool and other stuff I work only for 9 years. Both parts have a big meaning for me. The photographer would not exist so efficiently, if the mixed media Artist had not provided, in difficult times, for the further flows of my creativity.If I create with wool or fabric it is ease like a play, it's a good feeling for me, strengthens me and cures my soul. If I work with my camera in my hand, I feel Whole and completely on the right Place.Today I know, both are a part of me and I'll live both. I could not live without one and other. Both poles make my life worth living and completely for me. I need both poles. The poles need each other, they are extremely important for each other. This knowledge is new for me, so new. But I do not know how I can make it right, that both part shares live in harmony.

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Torsdag * 1952 hat gesagt…

Hallo nach Dssd,

schön mal wieder ein frischer etwas anderer Blog.

... toll, dass du meinen Blog verfolgen willst, obwohl ich im Moment etwas eingenickt bin, aber das wird wieder.

Grüsse von Torsdag (Hartmut)

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