Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009’s time to look back - Part 1.

I call this Photo "Silent Night". It is a Bus station in Düsseldorf at night

I'm a photographer and a mixed media artist - it was a long way for me call myself like this, but I'm still a photographer and a mixed media artist - period.
To Day I have surfing around the Internet and hopped just from Blog to Blog and have seen wonderfully inspiring things and it itches me in my fingers immediately to make something, to be creatively - but I have no time.... like always - I think - unfortunately.

Now, at the end of the year I want to review what happened to me and my being as an artist.

At the end of the last year (2008) I have reshaped my flat because I had to do/ wanted to do a new beginning.
I love like my flat looks after the renovation and I had also fear what now would come, although I could not know what it would be. Before the first half-years (2009) came to an end I had to lay my Focus more on the photograph than on mixed media art. I met the decision to take more care of the private customer. Oh, this is not a easy way to go. And I met the decision to do a monthly photograph collage as an edition and I take Part on the daily Selfportrait group on flickr, seconde time.
I may 2009 I startet with my dear friend Marie Theres, a wonderful project what I love to do.
In august I started another photography project
What I also love to do. I was stopped to do this as Jeannie, my Puppy, was hit by a Car, but I will work on this further next year. My photography work was published in several Magazins like here and here.
But what is happened to my mixed media art?

I sew something, I take part in an Zine Swap, I made season greeting cards, I wrote some tutorials, I made Monster - so what? And, nevertheless, I am not contented like I was after I did this piece
High in the sky
will be continued on my next post....

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