Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

International Ornament Swap

WOW - I am glad - Lauren- usa, Lise - Norway, Chris Gray - GB, H.D. Campbell - usa would take part in this Swap - wonderful. Somebody else?
Announcements to the participation can still occur up to the 18th October.

Depending on the number of the participants are groups will formed.
According to this, every participant makes ornaments. This ornaments will be dispatched by the participants at the latest 14th November, 2008 to me.

I undertakes from the arrived ornaments – to dispatch an arrangement in each case to every participant .


stufenzumgericht hat gesagt…

Kannst du vielleicht noch etwas Genaueres zu diesem Swap sagen? Danke!
LG, Martina

Lorenza hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,
I would like to join your swap

Genie hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,
Include Me in Ornament Swap
Cheers Jean

rachete hat gesagt…

You've inspired me. I'm going to try some fabric art.

Doreen G hat gesagt…

Hi Beate I would like to join as well please.
Regards Doreen

Maureen hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, put me down for this swap - maureen x

Terry Berg hat gesagt…

I would love to join in making an ornament

The Golden Egg hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,
Please include me in your Christmas swap.

katelnorth hat gesagt…

This is a great idea. I am going to resist as I have way too many committments this year, but maybe if you do it again, I will be able to join - I'll look forward to seeing what people make!

Julie hat gesagt…

Hi Beate
I would love to join in with this swap. My email is live2paintuk at yahoo dot co dot uk
I shall have to get busy!

Judy hat gesagt…

I would love to be included too..
Count me in too

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,
I'd love to join your swap, just love ornaments!
Agnieszka (Poland)

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