Dienstag, 29. April 2008

In my mailbox to daythis is the reason I'm away for a long time :-))

And this german Magazin "Patchwork Professional" is available on Mai 7.
I wrote an article for this issue about making pictures from your artwork -
You have to read it - if you can read German of course :-)


Genie hat gesagt…

Congratulaions Beate, The cover of the magazine looks very inviting, pity i cannot read German

corryna hat gesagt…

I have been waiting for the next Patchwork Professional. I really like it and I have all magazines, except the first one (2005). Maybe I will find that one, one day.

How nice that you wrote an article in this magazine. I like to take photo's as well and in my work I make a lot of them for magazines and brochures we make. It is nice to see your own pictures in a professional medium.


queenlint1 hat gesagt…

Beate! You go, girl!! You're getting more famous by the day!

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