Sonntag, 27. April 2008

After lain one week in the bed with a lumbago, today I could run again a little bit and I hope that I can tomorrow go to the post office. A lumbago is really common (bitchy)


Genie hat gesagt…

Glad you are feeling better, Take care.

corryna hat gesagt…

Oops... I never had lumbago, but I heard it is painful. Do you know how you got it and how you can avoid getting it again? I wish you all the best.


Doreen Kinkade hat gesagt…

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I wish a speedy recovery for you.

Julie hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear you have been in pain Beate. Hope you are soon fully recovered.

queenlint1 hat gesagt…


Beauty! Have you tried Glucosamine and chondriton for your poor old joints? I have a friend with rheumatoid arthritis who swears by it.

Do hope that you're up and about and able to do your art very soon!


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