Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2008

This is the second time I get this award.
First from Julie and to day from Emmy.

He Lady's, this is so sweet of you - thank you so much. Its lovely to know my blog makes someone happy.
And the rulesare: Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland!
There are many many blogfriends who make my day when I read their blogs, and there are many blogs I love - these are just afew of many - you are all special - here we goes:

Art of housewives - it is funny have a look
Annica - I love her art
Angelika - she send me wonderful e cards if I need one
Arlee - she is all days a surprise
Barbara - I love her music
Breakfast blog - have a look and you know why
Carol - she made wonderful beaded stuff
Deborah - I love how she made her creative life between being a Mom and being a Mom
Dianne - her art is inspiring me all the time
- she is a wonderful wonderful lovely Person
Elaine - she is a wonderful artist and I love her kind of humor
Friederike - she is a sheep - nice
Francoise's - I love her art
Gunnel - she is interesting artist
Glückshaus - it is always a pleasure be there
Judy - her colours smile always to me
Lynda - what a wonderful Inspiration
Waltraud - what she made is wonderful
Ruth - a breathtaking art
Sue - she is always so creative


Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

Thank you Beate!
I have already got this adward three times!!! But I am glad to have it from you too! And I always love to read your blog and look at you lovely art!

Annica hat gesagt…

Thank you Beate!
You're special too! :-)
I hope the saboteurs' spell will go away quickly.

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