Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2008

My saboteurs

You know what saboteurs are for?
Up to now they were only in my head, now they have a face
The are the opposite of my Gang of Happiness - they try to make me sad about my life, my art etc.
And now I can fight - good for me!!!! yeepieee
I call them from the left to the right:
surly -woefully - grumpy


quiltkunstquilt hat gesagt…

Sie sind ganz wunderbar und machen mir heute GUTE LAUNE!!!
Du bekommst von mir den " Make my day award" verliehen. Details kannst Du auf meinem blog nachlesen.
Liebe Grüße und einen guten, fröhlichen Tag,

The Lone Beader hat gesagt…

Tell them to turn that frown upside- down! LOL

Lise hat gesagt…

Knock them down!!

Susan hat gesagt…

Great you can stick needles in them!
PS Thanks for the comments on my blog!

Miss*Laurence hat gesagt…

Well actually, saboteurs were French workers (wearing sabots =clogs) throwing their "sabots" in the machinerie as a sign of protest. Apparently it happened first in silk weaving looms in Lyon as the machines were a threat to the handweaving industry...
So your saboteurs obviously have done some reading and have ganged up against your creative flow.
Let's drown them under a constant flow of new ideas and fabulous art from blogland - to show them they are just small-minded and weak , incapable of stopping the constant waves of inspiration coming your way!

Dianne hat gesagt…

Oh Beate, they are so cute - even being as woeful as they are!! Oh woe is me!!!!

Amy hat gesagt…

How wonderfully creative.

Karin Hammel hat gesagt…

Die sind wirklich super! Tolle Idee.

Judy Scott hat gesagt…

They are really cool, Judy xx

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