Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

What I have made

My new fancy Purse
17 x 26 cm

This is a very nice comment from Bettinaling she says:
This is great like moonlight and snow, I would love to see a crown- like hat and shoes to go with this beautiful purse :)

And, because it is cold outside,
10cm high


Waltraud hat gesagt…

Super, die Idee mit den Knöpfen und auch die Stulpen.

Anonym hat gesagt…

oooh wonderful Beate I love the cute new bracelet style and your purse is gorgeous :)

Purple Missus hat gesagt…

I love that purse Beate. Its wonderful. As for the wrist warmer - I bet you will see lots of those popping up all over blogland now :)

rita hat gesagt…

ich bin begeistert von dein kunst. wie neue luft zum atmen.
lg: rita

Carol hat gesagt…

Gorgeous I love it.

The New RN hat gesagt…

Beata, these wrist warmers are beautiful!! as is the fancy purse. I have a great friend who grew up in Germany part of her childhood and she knits wrist warmers for her family every year. She'd love these. Thanks for the great images, they warm my creative spark.

Arolternell hat gesagt…

Oh,Xoth,what a waste of buttoms for such a little piece of wool

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