Samstag, 14. Juli 2007

Guardian Angel Max and the "Wunschbaum"

about 30 x 30 cm


Ro Bruhn hat gesagt…

This is so lovely, the colours are beautiful and I love the way you've made the flowers and encased the stamps

Anonym hat gesagt…

So very beautiful and such a lot of detail and I just adore Max:)

Ruth hat gesagt…

Absolut schön!

LG, Ruth

Susan hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! Absolutely wonderful. I especially like the stamps.

Lisa Flowers Ross hat gesagt…

This is very nice! What is Wunschbaum in english?

Pete hat gesagt…

Some random, but amazing images here. I think you're going to have one hell of a fan-club.
Why, when other people like you put random colours together they look great!

When I do it, they look awful.
Surely we both see the same thing?
(Or do we?)

Wishing you every success.


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