Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2007

Artnotebook Kreativität # 2 is ready

In this issue the Embellisher and it creative possibilities are the subject.
It is a Artnotebook full with information of 25 sides, with nearly 50 pictures. Between the single sides you find unusual materials, they invite you to work on an Embellisher or with felt needles.

Each of my small notebooks has my art on the cover. At the moment there is only in German.
Every cover is unique only the contents are every time the same one.

The first 10 orders receive - as a small additional present - one of my small felt houses.

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queenlint1 hat gesagt…

Beate. Damn Girl. I am hesitante to load this up to you but I know you're more energetic and younger than this old cow!! I was tagged and need it passed on to bigger and better!

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