Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006

Just an Idea!

Ich denke gerade darüber nach, analog zu "A Painting a Day" eine Postkarte pro Tag zu produzieren und hier einzustellen.
Gibt es Meinungen dazu?
I think just about what if, I produce a postcard per day - analogously to "A Painting a Day" and to put it here in my Blog?
Does it add opinions?

OK OK Kristine La Flamme hat Recht - es sollte nicht so einfach im Raum stehe.
Ich möchte erklären um was es mir geht:
Es geht mir darum, in den kreativen Fluss zu kommen zu bleiben und zu sehen was passiert, wohin es mich bringt, wenn ich mich verpflichte jeden Tag eine 10 x 15 cm große Karte zu kreieren.
Vielleicht begrenze ich das Projekt auf 30 Tage?
OK OK Kristine La Flame is right - it did not have to do so simply. I would like to explain around what it goes for me: It is a matter for me of remaining to come to the creative river and of seeing what It brings to me to create a 10 x 15 cm Card daily. Is this a serious reason? Maybe I limit the project to 30 days?

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Kristin La Flamme hat gesagt…

Yes, why not? But it should have a deeper meaning as well to make it worthwhile. I just read a website of a woman who wore the same brown dress every day for a year as a sort of protest against fashion. Another has painted the color of the sky every day to record the passage of time. What would be the same, but different every day for a year for you?

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