Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

The word disaster, collapse, fiasco - in these days they get a completely different gravity for me.

Even though the days pics from the huge metropolis of Tokyo
look like as nothing had happened - but something was happens there, something for which I have no words, something that will change the world at least as fundamental as the 11th September 2001.
An earthquake, a tsunami and then the Super
nuclear disaster  - unthinkable.
Even if we  in Germany over 9000 miles away from the scene and therefore we not likely to be threatened by radioactive clouds as we are in 1986, after the serious nuclear accident in Chernobyl, we are concerned, since we live on this earth.
Will Japan ever recover from it? Will the Earth
ever recover from it?
Generations will be affected.
What is about
the events and long-term consequences of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945? We are almost loosing it?
I hope not.

Therefore I will on the coming days not tell you about my daily trivia - it seems to me irrelevant.
It also seems insensitive to me here
to speak about my personal happiness, when 9000 km away millions of People from invisible but deadly radioactivity are threatened.

Yes, life goes on, my life goes on!

I will keep shooting pictures from newborns and happiness in the eyes of their parents, I will live my life - what right now seems so right and good for me.

Such is life, the mirror has two sides.....


Jacq hat gesagt…

Beate, I share your views. It is hard to believe the things that are happening in both Japan and Libya. Some days I have to turn the news off as it is so hard to watch. One thing I do know is that our lives must go on and maybe in some small way we can find a way to help.

Italia hat gesagt…

You guys have a good job doing this photography..

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