Montag, 15. November 2010 infected....

Yes, after so long sewing abstinence I had to do a Mug Rug, he is not ready yet because I have never understood to make the edge, and can not do it satisfyingly. With bigger parts this makes no difference, however, it should look to such a small one well-arranged.
I have bumped over and over again into Muc Rug's - exactly what everybody must absolutely have.

On flickr I found this:
A mug rug is an oversized coaster for your mug or glass or cup and has room for a cookie on the side! It can be any shape or size, whatever suits you or your partner best


dosfishes hat gesagt…

Important to make room for the cookie. Loved the wreath, want one for my own.....maybe you should put some on etsy???? Or do a tutorial for etsy??? xox Corrine

Deborah hat gesagt…

I love the colors!

Emma hat gesagt…

Wish I could help you! Your new baby shots are gorgeous! We made a scrap rag rug wreath at Rag Tag, where I volenteer, yesterday. Lovely but time consuming.

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