Montag, 23. August 2010

I am totally unsettled

"Ich bin total verunsichert"

mixed media Collage


Anonym hat gesagt…

This is really lovely Beate, hope your are all better. xox Corrine

artymess hat gesagt…

I love this collage ....i received Cute Potatoe this morning bearing lovely gifts from you .....thank you the pendant is adorable and I have been wearing it all day .....Cute Potatoe is resting with some friends before she starts her adventure in the south of England ..........x

vintage wil hat gesagt…

Oh this is so gorgeous!!!

libbyquilter hat gesagt…

a beautiful piece with lovely textures and details.

makes me want to gather "the crap and scraps" off of my own desk and put something together~! lol
isn't it fun to be able to do such a thing and end up with a beautiful art piece when finished~!?!~

hope that you are finally feeling better.


Marion hat gesagt…

How come you feel verunsichert?
that's not a nice feeling... :(
In my eyes you really have nothing to be unsicher about!
Hang in there, I wish you well!

Deborah hat gesagt…

This is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love your jean purses and the mixed collage is wonderful! You are so talented!

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