Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Good Morning Collage # 10

Follow your heart
wherever it takes you, and be happy
Life is brief and very fragile 
and only loaned to us for a while.

Wake up every morning with the thought
that something wonderful is about to happen.


# 10 is ready  - and now I believe I stop it.

It was a really feel-good process to do these 10 collages, honestly, to do this means a lot to me. Follow different materials and my intuition - was very good  doing.
I would like to do further experiments, with different materials and fabric - however, anyhow is there a voice, she means,  to tell me what I have to do!!!


Helmi hat gesagt…

I love the collages they are beautifull.
grt, Helmi

swissquilter hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, I love your moring collages and are always surprised with what you are coming up each day.

artymess hat gesagt…

I love your collages Beate this one is very beautiful.....Lorna x

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