Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

During the last days I had to fight again with my demons. I was triggert by something. However, now I have again a little clearness and this is good and I slowly recover what is also good.

This fear which is released by thus trigger is always quite violent and very menacing.
To day I have to sew - this make me feel good.
It is to be gone hotly here in Dusseldorf too hotly for me and my Pet's.


flyingbeader hat gesagt…

I really need to clean & clear too. My work desk is a mess, I still haven't unpacked from vacation & I have all these deadlines...I need to just sit down, sew & do like you...relax.

dosfishes hat gesagt…

Pretty bag, pretty flowers, hot still here too! Glad the demons have retreated. xox Corrine

Jackie hat gesagt…

Its good you can win with those demons. Sometimes its hard to know what triggers them.

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