Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

cute potatoe - NEWS

You are the Best!!
We are already 8 participant on Potatoe's Travel aoraund the world. She will go from Geramny to United Kingdom, the USA and, I'm so happy about this, to Australia - yeepie!!
And I can tell you, she is excited about this development and does thought about her luggage, and which shoes she will wrap up and which suitcase she'll takes....

But she has a own mailbox:


Marcel hat gesagt…

Sweet! :)

Chris hat gesagt…

Oh I can't wait for sweet potato to com e stay. how long will she stay for?
Have a great weekend Beate :D

hugs Chris xx

artymess hat gesagt…

Hi Beate I have sent cute potatoe my address so I am looking forward to her visit ...Lorna

ParisMaddy hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, Cute Potatoe simply must visit me. I would be bereft if she didn't. I just e-mailed her. xoxo

Anonym hat gesagt…

I left a comment before inviting Cute Potato to visit me as well, but it did not appear - think I clicked preview instead of post! Anyway, I'm another from Downunder, and I can guarantee she will see her first kangaroo as they are on my property most days!

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