Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

cute potatoe - NEWS - News

I have to made her a own blog I think.

She is invited furthermore to a place in Australia - what fun, thank you Paddy, and she'll show her the first kangaroo in her life. You get jealous about this, asks me!
And she will go to Denmark too!!!!!!

A request to everone, who will be a Part of Cute Potatoe's TRAVEL around the world: 
I need your email address,
to arrange the details, please!!!


Fabric Art hat gesagt…

Hi Beate I read your posts about Cute Potatoe, this sounds fun, great idea, if she want to visit me in Denmark, she is welcome

Jenxo hat gesagt…

would he like to see fruit bats? we have plenty of them LOL

looking forward to showing him around jenxo

Marion hat gesagt…

Now it won't be like traveling around the world... but Potatoe is very welcome in Holland! Lots of friends to play with...

Angelcat hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, I'm back from my holiday now. If cute potatoe would still like to come visit me in England, my email address is :)

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