Dienstag, 6. April 2010

A new Bag from old Jeans

today I got a package from a friend, inside was an used Jeans and here it is a new Bag I made from this . 26 - 38 cm with a black and white inner lining


dosfishes hat gesagt…

The crisp black and white and the denim look really cool together. Love the pocket detail. Now that it is truly Spring here I can show off my bag!

Chriss Rollins hat gesagt…

hello Beate,
your idea of the recycled denim with black and white fabric works so well.

as does all the denim pieces.

chriss x

Jensters hat gesagt…

I to love the denim with the black and white material too....wonderful.

Renate hat gesagt…

Awesome repurposing of old jeans! I love your creations; they are wonderful!

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