Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

One year ago I made this
Ancestors Pot
Such an Ancestors’s pot usually is made of ceramics and has a lid.
I am a textile artist.
For that reason my ancestors’ pot will not be made of ceramics but from textile materials.
Fabric as a symbol for woven things of time is really matching the theme perfectly.
And I wrote a Tutorial, a how-to-do for this - here
To day I was thinking about writing down Goals for this year
you know, we do this always during this days if a new year starts
..however, this time I remembered my Ancestors’s pot and thought, I do it, I write down 10 of my most important wishes and hand over them to this pot.

And know I'll not longer think about and let my Ancestors’s do her work !

1 Kommentar:

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

What a fabulous, textural pot! Great idea to turn all your wishes over to it--may they all come true this year!

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