Montag, 4. Januar 2010

My 60th Birthday

In Order I get my 60 Birthday cards on my Birthday, I take part in a ATC Swap and to day I made my first bunch of ATC's - 6 x 9 cm - I don't do it often yet.
What I have done is AMC's - 10 x 15 cm. If You would send me a AMC- this is 10 x 15 cm, so you can give mir Your Birthday date and I send you some back, or you send me one and after my Birthday an June 1st I send you one of my AMC back. It is up to you.


MargaretR hat gesagt…

I hope you have a very happy birthday Beate. You are just a baby aren't you?

I would like to join in please. AMC's are new to me. What is the difference between that and an ATC?

Chriss Rollins hat gesagt…

Hello Beate I would love to join in I love ATC's and have admired your work since my friend Chris told me about you nearly 2 years on the 23rd blog Bday..haha.

I will swap you an ATC for your Bday for an AMC. what a bargain for me.
luv Chriss x

Happy new year to you and yours.

Stitchety Grub hat gesagt…

As mentioned before I would love to swap a Birthday card or AMC (Artist postcard? 10x 15cm)with you Beate - my Birthday is April 5th ... there is an email link in my Profile on my blog - looking forward to it - any special colours you like?
Britt Western Australia

girl of fall hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, what a wonderful idea! I'd like to join!
What should I do? Send you an ATC for your b-day?

Simone hat gesagt…

Hallo Beate,
ich wollte ja schon früher mal eine AMC mit dir tauschen, erinnerst du dich? Vielleicht klappt es ja doch noch? Ich habe wohl schon im März Geburtstag.
Liebe Grüße

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