Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Karen Stiehl-Osborn, a miraculous creative friend and textile artist put this on her homepage. She offers her wonderful works whose proceed it donates for Jeannie. It is very touching - and Carol Dean, she made miraculous jewellery from pearls writes to me:

I sold my Elegant Enchantment pattern to two people tonight: HidingPlaceBeadery and VanBeads on Etsy. They know that I am forwarding $7 from each sale of that pattern to you for your vet bills. *hugs* Carol Dean - Beate, I sold two more copies of the pattern: one to Lynn1976 and one beadsforever on etsy. Here's is your $14 for Jeannie from those sales. Best! Carol Dean

This kind of care made me very happy!

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