Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Few days ago I've told a friend, I miss a family around me. To day I feel very warm taken in the arms of my Web-Friends - thank you all! I am totally overwhelmed, I thank you so much. Your compassion, your caring and your help is like a warm cloak around my shoulders and it shall not be so cold for me in this world. Thank you so much!!!!
Yesterday Jeannie has wag her tail - it was so funny an its feel so good. To Day the first surgery take place.


Micki hat gesagt…

I was sorry to hear about Jeannies' accident. I hope she fully recovers.

NEARBYTREE hat gesagt…

I feel sure that everything will go well, give her a gentle stroke from me A

Chrissie hat gesagt…

I'm glad she wagged her tail for you and hope the surgery is successful. x

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