Samstag, 5. September 2009

A precious mess!

30 x 28 cm
Mixed media Collage
I wanted to clear up my working table,
however, then I had desire for a collage and this has originated....


Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

What a luscious mess it is! I especially love the line and dot stitching on the left hand side.

Pat hat gesagt…

a mess. a great creative mess.

primdollie hat gesagt…

Absolutely stunning!! I love the textures you've created they are simply fabulous!! I am always so thrilled with your work and find it so inspiring!! thnx for the beautiful eye candy! Hugs Linda

NEARBYTREE hat gesagt…

You always amaze me with your clever ideas - I'm sure I think too much - and never put enough into practice. I will try to follow your example of sometimes just putting bits together and seeing how they evolve X


Hi Beate, I am glad I found your blog, I am a flickr contact of yours but I haven't been on flicr for a while ... I'm back on the 10th September. Just had to say how much I love your fabric collages, they are beautiful!

Best wishes

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