Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

what I have found to day

...There are plenty of Anglicisms in the German language - some beautiful, some dispensable. But besides Zeitgeist and Kitsch, not enough German words have made it the other way. Now is the time to change that - join the campaign, take action and spread the word!


Eva hat gesagt…

Hier findet man, was schon angekommen ist:
Mein Lieblingsfund ist "shlep".

sandra wyman hat gesagt…

How about schadenfreude (hope I've spelt it right) - one of my favourites, and untraslatable. And after all English did come from Anglo-Saxon, which was a form of German!

Angela Recada hat gesagt…

This is a great idea. I've heard "Angst" used here in the US a lot lately. And German words found in English, like "Leitmotiv" or "Schadenfreude," which Sandra mentioned, capture entire concepts so well. It take an entire sentence to describe it in English. I've always liked studying the changes in languages, how words migrate and how new words are invented and become commonplace.

Thank you for this info, Beate!

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