Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009


I do not know why, but I get a statistic page on flickr and they told me, that this picture from October 2006, is been one of they most looked pictures in my album - I have no idea why.


Jackie hat gesagt…

Isn't it puzzling? I suppose its hard to tell what it is fron a thumbnail so people have a closer look.

Lorie M. hat gesagt…

You never know what is going on with what people look at and what they comment on..this is actually pretty cool, a little regular lace, and some 'crazy' lace!

melaine hat gesagt…

I think I can understand why so many people like looking at this image, at least I can tell you what I says to me.
I see a face that shows damage, but that damage has been repaired in an artful way. The color white says "peace".
Who wouldn't want to look at such an uplifting message?

melaine hat gesagt…
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