Montag, 8. Dezember 2008


January 8 - 20, 2009

CYBER FYBER, an international exhibition of fiber arts created by Internet connected textile artists, opens at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios on Thursday, January 8, 2009 and runs through January 20th.An opening reception will be held on Friday, January 9 from 5 - 9 PM.
The art exhibit will feature hundreds of fiber cards from over twenty-six countries and 46 states.The work of nineteen internationally known fiber artists will also be on display.

These invited artists include:Dijanne Cevaal, Sharon Boggon, Dale Rollerson, and Doreen Grey and her granddaughter Ebony of Australia; Beate Knappe and Wanda Lenz of Germany; Emmy Schoonbeek and Jacqueline de Jong of the Netherlands; Arlee Barr of Canada; Lynda Monk and Maggie Grey of Great Britain; Annica Lindsten of Sweden; Nikki Wheeler of Washington; Veleta Staffney and Corinne Stubson of Oregon; Penny Sisto of Indiana; Jill Rumoshosky Werner of Kansas; and Susan Sorrell and Susan Lenz of South Carolina.


arlee hat gesagt…

Are you excited yet??? :} I am!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Angelika Westermann hat gesagt…

... and Angelika Westermann from Germany. Too bad I can't be there to see them all.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi how are you? I was looking through your blog, and I have to say that I liked it.

I would like to have you stop by to my art blog which is here in San Diego.

Cool labels, music videos I like, and of course my art.

I hope to see you soon....

Jackie hat gesagt…

Congratulations. I am feeling a bit left out. If you do it again I would love to be considered.

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