Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

What if - WIP

Example from my Embellisher online class

Jude started with the question what if ? Very interesting and full of suspense.

I update just my Embellisher Online class and ascertain, it would be right if I write this question down, because at the work with the Embellisher I ask myself them incessantly.

What if, if I punch fabric and wool together?

what if, if I punch wool and same plastic material, like the net from onions, together?

what if, if I rusty thinks involve in my piece of wool, like I dit in this Work

... and so much more to ask what if......


Helen Suzanne hat gesagt…

beautiful close up photographs! I like the canvas showing through the wool and stitch work.

Jackie hat gesagt…

So sorry I haven't visited for a while..I've been very busy so now I'm doing a whistle stop tour of all the blogs I read! Lovely what ifs? Now we know what!

jude hat gesagt…

i love that you are what-iffing too!

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