Dienstag, 2. September 2008

“Walk in the Forest” in CPS

Thank you for the many reactions to the articles and my piece
“Walk in the Forest” in CPS.

Being a relatively new artist I am very honored to be actually published.

The cordial reactions are the cherry on the cake of this honor.

They confirm and encourage me to continue –
what would I do without my friends in the worldwide web.

Without the internet we would have never met and I would have never learnt how wonderful it is to be heartened in this way.

Thank you all once again.


Carol hat gesagt…

Congratulations Beate on being published, I don't get CPS so haven't seen your article but have seen the wonderful feedback you

corryna hat gesagt…

Beate I have given you an award. Please check my blog for the details.


TJ hat gesagt…

Beate, Herzliche Glueckwunsch!! What a wonderful display of your work and to have it published in a real magazine! Your blog is lovely, I'm glad Jacqueline informed us in the AB group. xoxox tj

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