Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Mixed nuts Project

We all started with this plain white fabric shape- The plain nut measures around 40cm by 15cm at its widest part to give you an idea of the size of these finished pieces.
Once we had the shape we could interpret it in ANY way we liked. The only rule was that we stay true to the shape when sewing it together after that we could do what we liked!!!!!

My Nut

"Nut in disguise"

"Okay sit back with a coffee and enjoy the exhibition, this is an interactive exhibiton so please leave comments for your favourites!!!! OH YEAH!!! If you enjoy this then please spread the word....We want as many people to share in it as possible!! Cheers Kirsty Campion"


herzensart journal hat gesagt…

diese Farben sind einfach schön!

Victoria hat gesagt…

I just went and visited the peanut gallery, simply delightful! I love all of the different interpretations!
Your peanut is great!

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