Dienstag, 9. September 2008

Embellisher Recycling

I start here - like always....

... and it becomes this : it looks like a heard (reassembling) for me
about 23 x 26 cm


This is a PRONP5 Heart of the Hide Series Baseball Fielder Glove, because
Gabi wrote in my flickr Album this:
looks great - it reminds me also of a baseball glove. there is one glove which is even called Heart of the Hide - don't know what it means.great work!


Gunnels blog hat gesagt…


Chris hat gesagt…

Oh such beautiful pieces of art you have created lately Beate...I am in awe!!
I am back in blogland once again but I will email you soon.
Hope you are well and happy :)
Chris xx

Lynn hat gesagt…

Or it could be an old fashioned corset. ??? ;-)

Genie hat gesagt…

Lovely Work

Contessa Kris hat gesagt…

The latest pieces are just gorgeous! You always make the most beautiful things!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space hat gesagt…

Your art amazes and scatters joy! Blessings from Amy.

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