Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

For almost two years, I have been working with the Embellisher machine. As there were no instructions in German when I started, I decided to compose four workshops myself. Sometimes later they were translated into English and today I run these workshops (including materials) as Starter Kit. In these workshops I describe how to work with wool roving at the Embellisher machine.

Following, I ran four online seminars in German in which we work with different materials. In these seminars there are a number of short videos that demonstrate how to work on the Embellisher. Moreover, there is some explanation on the subject “Free Embroidery” that has been written by Anne Lange. In my opinion, the pieces created with the Embellisher look fantastic in combination with free embroidery.

I am just in the process of combining these seminars to one single seminar, which is being translated into English in order to run them as online seminar in both languages.

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