Donnerstag, 10. April 2008

Blogaversary - to day my Blog is 2 years old

To all of you who are my visitor

a big big big

Thank you!!!

You made my day bright and my live richly
it is so nice to meet you here

have a wonderful creative day
I love all your comments - so please tell me what is importent for you to be a Blogger.
I will draw something what I have made, so let me know what you think about having a Blog.


Nellie's Needles hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your blogoversary! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative art.

I'm so pleased to have made friends with other artists and quilters who blog from all over the world ... it has become smaller AND mine has grown greater.

Doreen Kinkade hat gesagt…

Hi, I don't have a blog but I enjoy visiting blogs. It's like taking a trip around the world. I enjoy also the pictures that some people put on their blog of where they live. And I love the embellisher kit I bought from you.

Doreen G hat gesagt…

Happy Bloggerversary Beate--What is important to me as a blogger is to be honest- especially with my comments-when I like something that someone has done then I will tell them honestly what I feel--I don't comment for comment's sake.

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

Congratulations! 2 year - well done!
For me the blog is a very good way to meet other people with the same interesting as my self. And to have and give inspiration!

Purple Missus hat gesagt…

Happy Bloggerversary Beate - it feels like we have known you forever.
I agree with Doreen about being honest with your comments. I don't always comment on everyones blogs, however much I admire their work, because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was commenting for comments sake. I want bloggers to know that I am sincere when I do leave a comment.

Ro Bruhn hat gesagt…

Happy anniversary and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work with us.

The Lone Beader hat gesagt…

Congrats! Mine will be 2 yrs. old next week. :D

Nikki hat gesagt…

Happy Blogaversary!!!

I love blogging. I am amazed at the opportunities that have come to me because of blogging. An the people are wonderful. I wouldn't be where I am in my art if I didn't blog.

corryna hat gesagt…

Congratulations with your Blogaversary!

For me blogging is a way to enjoy art of others an grow in my own creativity. A way to help others, tell about what I encounter and show what I have made. And I love hopping around in blogland to look at all the great things others make. And I like giving comments on it, as much as I like it when someone places a comment on mine.
It also helps me when I am stuck. After reading blogs of fiber artists I am full of inspiration and want to make things right away.

In short: It makes me happy!

Emmy hat gesagt…

congrats from me to and hereby I give you an award I love your blog please go on so we wil see much more loevely things of you
warm regards Emmy

Genie hat gesagt…

Congratulations on 2 years blogging. I have only been bloggng a short while but have contacted and been contacted by some lovely people and seen such wonderful inspiring art work of all kinds.
\regards Jean

katelnorth hat gesagt…

It's hard to think of what to say about blogging - I love reading blogs from around the world, both from textile artists working in similar ways to myself, and from those who are totally different - I like the inspiration I get, the sense of community, the feedback from others on my own blog, the chance to trade and work with others, and probably a lot more besides. Sometimes I like to comment and chat, sometimes I just like to sit there with a glass of wine and enjoy the show...

Lise hat gesagt…

Congratulations Beate!! As you know, I'm only 5 months "old" in this blogger world - and I enjoy it so much - so many talented people, so much inspiration, it's amazing - And YOU were my inspiration to join it all. Thanks a lot!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you for your daily inspiration and the photos of yourself and Negrita. And the only art postcard I have--much appreciated and bragged on.

I had no idea how long I had been blogging, but thanks to one of my geek sons I started in mid-September of 2003.

Signed, quillter on LJ

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