Samstag, 12. Januar 2008


I love the net - have I told you already? Yes I have!
Laurence, a french woman, who live in GB wrote this about Saboteurs:

Well actually, saboteurs were French workers (wearing sabots =clogs) throwing their "sabots" in the machinerie as a sign of protest. Apparently it happened first in silk weaving looms in Lyon as the machines were a threat to the handweaving industry... So your saboteurs obviously have done some reading and have ganged up against your creative flow. Let's drown them under a constant flow of new ideas and fabulous art from blogland - to show them they are just small-minded and weak , incapable of stopping the constant waves of inspiration coming your way!

All what I can say is: thank you so much!


Angelika Westermann hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,
love the internet, too! Is gives us such a large number of windows into the world. Making contact with other artists has come to the tip of our fingers.
Although - it is also a terrible time robber. Just realized that I have been sitting 2 hours at the computer which I should have rather spent in my studio.

Friederike! hat gesagt…

I agree with Angelika, it can be both: time and ideas killer but also a wonderful source of inspiration and getting in contact.
Love your saboteurs... perfect throw pillows :)

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