Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2007

What I get to day...

This crackerjack dyed an made by hand threads are from Anne Lange

and you know already what this is
Karen Stiehl Osborn,
a dynamic textile and mixed media artist and long-time supporter of Fiberart For A Cause made this art, and CaféPress mad me a big big shirt - and I'm happy.


Mariajaan hat gesagt…

I found you casually, but plan to stay around for a while, at least until I manage exploring this space. I like the most the free form textile blocks that you create. I make hand quilting and purposefully never measure anything or planned an outcome. It is a discovery to find at the end a finished piece filled with sentiment. It as been long though since I could use my time as I please and while I can start again I read blogs. I hope that you will keep the energy not to discontinue postings one day, as it happens sometimes with wonderful bloggers!
Best, best! MariaC.

zquilts hat gesagt…

Ohhhhhhh....I LOVE that thread .. and, of course, Karen's tee shirt design is fabulous !

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

Yes, the thread are just beautiful! and the t-shirt as well!

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