Donnerstag, 22. November 2007

The gang of my workspace

I am proud to introduce to you:
King Kartoffel

Graf Gurke

Lady Lulu

all together they are the new Gang of my workspace
they are unbelievable soft


verobirdie hat gesagt…

My preference goes to King Kartoffel.

Ati. Norway. hat gesagt…

O, I love them, they are so funny ;)

Prairie Thistle hat gesagt…

You have a wonderful imagination. Love the gang.

Karen Stiehl Osborn hat gesagt…

These are so fun! My favorite is also King Kartoffel, but they are all so whimsical and entertaining.

Derick Peterson hat gesagt…

Cool! They're so funny! Nice art! I like it!Are you doing it for yourself&

Eva hat gesagt…

Your gang looks great!!!

Susan hat gesagt…

I adore potatoes and pickles too! Great trio! (I do have these correct, don't I...whatever...I really like a girl to have two guys!)

sammy hat gesagt…

I just got a embellishing machine and would love to make your stuffed broaches and dolls... is this info in the needle felting kit with the CD that you have up for sale?

sammy hat gesagt…

OOps I think I clicked on the wrong link to get a email back from you... mine is

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