Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

What do you think is this piece ready?


Susan hat gesagt…

It is difficult to leave the first comment when an opinion is requested, but I'll try because I like the idea of TALKING ABOUT OUR WORK on-line. I think more fiber bloggers should request input and really use the Internet to communicate instead of always saying, "That's great!" to a picture of a finished piece. be honest, NO! I don't think the piece is finished yet. I very much like the half hidden acorn caps, the natural feeling, the raw edges, and the carefully selected colors. I also like the 3D effect that using found objects creates. Yet, the middle of the piece is weaker by comparison. The realism of the acorn caps and their projection from the background make the middle look a bit "lost". There is a strong, organic sense but not enough to balance the whole. I have always admired your hand stitching into your embellished works. Perhaps some well placed hand stitches that tie the top to the bottonm? Even if you decided not to continue with the work, it is very pleasing. I hope this helps. Thank you for providing and opportunity for me to truly examine the very things I most like about your work.

The Lone Beader hat gesagt…

Only you know if the piece is finished, and if you don't know, you have to really listen to what the medium and subject tell you, and soon you will determine the answer... Hope this helps=:)

Nellie's Needles hat gesagt…

Another factor is HOW you look at it. When I tilted my computer monitor a cloaked figure with spread open arms appeared. Then the placement and focus of the nut caps makes visual sense.

Tenar hat gesagt…

I am with Susan here. It doesn't feel finished for me. While it looks very nice and pleasing, it is lacking focus in my oppinion. I would like to see some more detail, maybe in a contrasting or darker colour.

It might get very good, I like the rough edges and the found objects.

I also think it's a good idea to really talk about stuff online, it always helps to hear honest answers, not just "oh great" exclamations. But of course, in the end it's YOUR oppinion on your own work that counts.


Dot hat gesagt…

I think art is such a personal thing I would never give you a opinion as to wether I think it is finished or not. This a beautiful piece of art. I love it just the way it is! But, it is up to you. I love everything you make.

Dot xx

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