Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Please remember I sell my work


innovation hat gesagt…

nice work...innovative!

Renegade hat gesagt…

I love your work!

Check out Renegade's BS

Katy M. Savage hat gesagt…

my god! your work is fantastic! i will definitely share your blog with friends... cheers!

CuriousRead hat gesagt…

Your blog is excellent! We should link up. If your ever bored and would like to read a interesting story check out my blog "Curious Read" @

Kitty hat gesagt…

I was just browsing some blogs whilst I ate breakfast, and just had to leave a comment here to say how much I admire your work. It's fantastic!
I shall definitely bookmark the blog, and maybe even put a link on mine - hope you don't mind!
Kitty x

Kitty hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment at my blog Beate! Maybe one day I'll put some pictures of my fabric collages on there - though they aren't in your class.

I am going to put your site on my list of favourite blogs.

Take care. x

The Lone Beader hat gesagt…

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love your work. It is wonderful. Love the love letter books. Cheers from Boston=:)

Lav. hat gesagt…

well I seem to be one more reader just wanting to say that your stuff is just so absolutely gorgeous!!
well done lady!
greetings from italt

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