Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007

My lovely funny blogging pal Chris nominated me for: Quote " fantastic fabric and felt creations "as a

Thank you Chris - what a funny Idea

My nominations for this award are:

PamDora for here funny art
Ro Bruhn for here creativity - she share with us
Susan for her art her Blog Banner
samate for her way to be an inspiration for me
for beeing always a wonderful blogging pal


Ro Bruhn hat gesagt…

Thanks for the nomination Beate. I LOVE this brooch, it's beautiful

susan hat gesagt…

thank you so much beate!!! i have been so behind in getting around, i will try and do this later today - thank you again!
p.s. i love the notebook and the swirls above it on grey! so pretty!!!

susan hat gesagt…
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