Montag, 2. April 2007

And the winner is....

**Blogversary Draw**

I mixed the names.
And the are names, which did not win
I cannot do that, honestly, I can not do that.

Therefore, all won and all get a gift of me.
Please mailt me your addi, that I can send the Gift to each of you.
I think, that are correct.
In this first year, since I have my Blog,
I have so many new friends met and get so much
experience and encouragement,
which made me happy and so I would like to give something back.


Karen Stiehl Osborn hat gesagt…

Hi Beate, I missed whatever this was about, but how nice of you to reward each person who responded on your blog!

Anonym hat gesagt…

oooooh just read this. Beate you are so kind.

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

Oh, Beate you are so sweet!
Thank you!

StegArt hat gesagt…

What a kind soul you are. I have quietly enjoyed your work for a while. I really like the bright colorful work you make.

katelnorth hat gesagt…

You are way too nice, Beate, but I won't say no as I love receiving stuff - I will email you my address :) And to say thank you for your generosity, I will pay it forward by having a blogversary draw myself when my blog is one year old (August).

Dotee hat gesagt…

Beate - I missed this post!
You are such a beautiful person to do this. Will email you my address right now :)
I adore your art.

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