Donnerstag, 15. März 2007

How cool is this?

My new bracelet

29 x6,5 cm


Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow!! you make such cool stuff... Your bracelet is amazing...

Sonya hat gesagt…

I love all the extra photos here, especially the one with it laid flat - all those delicious reds and pinks!

Dotee hat gesagt…

This is gorgeous Beate!!

Alma Stoller hat gesagt…

Love the colors.
Great work.

Pink Granite hat gesagt…

Brava! How wonderfully creative - and beautiful too!
- Lee

primdollie hat gesagt…

wow just found your blog and LOVE it and all your fantastic work and this bracelet is awesome!!! would love to learn to needle and wet felt!!! keep hoping some day just need more time!!! I do knit and felt bags and bowls and such!!! loads of fun there too!! is it ok to add your blog to mine?? if not please let me know this is my link!
hugs Linda
I am German too!!! live in US since a baby though!!

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