Donnerstag, 29. März 2007

Blogversary Draw

Yes, my other Blog becomes soon 1 year old and I made a Blogversary Draw.
You are in, if you tell my why you blog


Sonya hat gesagt…

Why do I blog? To share and gain inspiration from people like you Beate!

StegArt hat gesagt…

I like to blog because I feel like I'm part of a large worldwide group of artists and it's fun meeting people from all around the world and see what everyone is making.

Clevelandgurlie hat gesagt…

I blog because this world has gotten so big and so high tech that's its very hard to connect with people any more. I have found that by blogging I am able to find connection with people across the globe from different cultures and backgrounds whom otherwise, I never would have had the chance to know, let alone share things with. Blogging allows me to feel connected and to touch and be touched by others.

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

Yes, the same for me; to share, get new inspiration from others, and been a part of a communite of creative people and for my self, like a diary of my textile life!

Dotee hat gesagt…

Great idea for your blogaversary Beate!

I started blogging last year as a a way of sharing my art with more people. And as a way of seeing how my art is developing.

When I started blogging I did not know I was going to meet so many wonderful people online and make so many friendships. I now swap art with people all over the world and love the connections I have made.

Blogging has opened up my world in many positive ways.

Laura Krasinski hat gesagt…

I love to blog because I don't journal and with blogging I can journal and share my art.

katelnorth hat gesagt…

I blog for several reasons. My first blog, a family blog, I started because I found myself writing the same emails over and over again to people and began to feel like I was sounding boring.

Then I started my quilting blog, which I started partly to share my work with friends who asked, partly so I could keep track myself of what I worked on and my processes and partly because as I read lots of other blogs I thought it would be nice to give something back to the blogging community, if they want it!

My third blog, which is sort of a sub-blog, is just for the take a stitch challenge, and I started that one solely to document my work for that challenge.

So there you go - I guess the question is less why I blog and more where I find the time to do anything to blog about :)

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