Samstag, 10. Februar 2007

How should I call this nature?

It is an angel, certain - but what kind of angel?
Thanks Karen and Pat for what you have said.
she is a she,
I never made an he
but she is old and wise - or she has not evolved fully?
maybe both
from ugly to what?
a Menopause - Angel - what a great Idea!
For me this is the best Metamorphosis of all.


Karen Stiehl Osborn hat gesagt…

She looks like a menopause angel to me --- full of hot flashes! ;-)

Pat hat gesagt…

Well now, Beate, you have asked a very important but also very difficult question. Is she, a she? Is she a guardian angel? Has she evolved fully? What is her nature? I am afraid I do not have the answer. Sometimes a soft sculpture just has to take its own shape and existence. I was once trying to make a soft sculpture and I had something soft and flowing in my mind. A prima ballerina, perhaps. Well, I ended up with a scorceress that I finally (after several incarnations) called, "Midnight in the Garden.....". Not at all what I started out to create!

Shirley Goodwin hat gesagt…

I think a Menopause Angel is a wonderful idea! We should celebrate our womanliness.

Dotee hat gesagt…

She is beautiful. Very natural

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